In Defence of Gaming

Jeff the Trojan

If video games make children violent, where is all this violence? I’ve never met anyone who was scared of a gamer, or heard of drinkers slipping out of the pub because a bunch of gamers walked in.

– Mark Dapin, from Violent video games: fun hobby or mass murder training tool?

There are indications that playing computer games and even watching TV might make kids smarter. According to Cornell University psychology professor Ulric Neisser, there has been a well-documented rise in children’s IQ scores over the past few decades, most markedly in the areas of creative thinking and problem-solving skills. In a January 2001 interview with the Toronto Globe and Mail, Neisser said that many researchers attribute this rise to an increase in kids’ “visual literacy” fostered by their familiarity with TV and computers.

– from Honey, We Lost The Kids: rethinking childhood in the multimedia age by Kathleen McDonnell

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