Interesting Articles on the Twilight Phenomenon

I loved Twilight until I threw it across the room.

– someone, somewhere

1. If Famous Authors Had Written Twilight… how would the story have been different? (I wonder what Stephanie Meyer makes of such speculation!)

2. Erika Kristakis On The Harsh Bigotry Of Twilight Haters from Time Ideas… A different take which challenges some of the hatred directed towards this series:

Why is it that female fantasies are such a source of derision and fear? The male species is allowed all manner of violent, creepy, ludicrous and degrading movie tropes, and while we may not embrace them as high art, no one questions them seriously as entertainment, even when sometimes we probably should. 

3. The ‘Twilight Belt’ in America… which closely resembles The ‘Bible Belt’. An infographic. (Stephanie Meyer has said that she finds the terminology ‘twi-hard’ condescending.)

4. Stephanie Meyer: A New J.K. Rowling? Lev Grossman must have been one of the first to link the phrase ‘the erotics of abstinence’ to the Twilight Saga; I’d never heard the phrase before. It has since been used in reference to Twilight numerous times, including in one local newspaper article which so brilliantly captured my niggles about the series that I wish I had kept it. I can’t even remember who it was written by, but I’m still looking.

5. Twilight As A Cautionary Tale About Traditional Gender Roles, via Feministe

6. List of Articles About and Including Twilight at Feminist Frequency

7. A disturbing rapey interpretation of Bella and Jacob’s first kiss (which happens in ‘Eclipse’, which includes a clip of the scene from the movie followed by the even more disturbing excerpt from the book, from Some Notes On Rape Culture at the Racialicious Blog.

See, this is the sort of thing which manages to put into words why I find this series creepy. That’s not how first kisses go. If you want to know the prerequisites for kissing anyone for the first time, that kiss does not cut it. See here, especially the bit which says, ‘Humans associate a good kiss with trust, so wait until it feels comfortable. Never pressure a partner, as it can raise the “stress” hormone cortisol. Kissing and cortisol don’t make good chemistry’, and also the bit that says, ‘Anticipating something makes obtaining it more satisfying — partly due to the neurotransmitter dopamine. So, if you dream about how the kiss will happen, the actual moment is likely to feel more romantic.’ In other words, if someone doesn’t want to be kissed, you can’t force it onto them, and even if you do, they’re not going to enjoy it.

This rule applies in real life, but not in Twilight, as it turns out, where you can force a kiss onto someone and they will respond as you wish. Because Jacob and Bella share a consensual kiss later in the story.

In an excellent article on YA, Romance and Rape Culture, Twilight is summed up like this:

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer: Let a guy push you around all the time, watch you when you sleep, and stalk you. It’s all good romance. Also, fall into depression and then jump off a cliff if he breaks up with you.

That’s pretty much it. If you know a teenage girl who loves Twilight, I’d highly recommend she reads that article, if only so it might open up a discussion about rape culture.

8. Here’s a take on Twilight from a vampire fan of yore.

9. You may have already heard what Anne Rice had to say about Twilight in an interview.

10. Actors of the Twilight saga were contractually obligated to stay out of the sun to stay pale, from OMG Facts

11. Reasoning With Vampires – a Tumblr blog which pokes fun at the series

12. Teenage Dating In A Twilight-Hunger Games World from The Good Men Project

13. The Most Disturbing Twilight products of all time from io9

14. Nine Reasons To Be Grateful For Twilight from io9

15. In Defense Of (Being A Fan Of) Twilight from The Frisky

16. A “Real” Vampire Talks About Drinking Blood, The Twilight Films, from The Frisky

17. 8 Reasons Intelligent Reasons Why Writers Must Read Twilight from LitReactor

18. What Do Shemale Porn and the Twilight Novels Have In Common? from Psychology Today

19. Beautiful Creatures Is What Twilight Would Be If It Were Awesome from io9

20. Which Classics Should Twilight Fans Read? from Book Riot

21. Why Is Stalking Romantic in Our Favorite Movies?

22. Our Bella, Ourselves from The Hairpin

23. That’s Not Very Feminist of You, Bella: Feminism and YA Romance Novels from YALSA


25. A 51 Year Old Woman Covers Herself In Twilight Tattoos. (I mention her age because it’d be easy to think she doesn’t know what she’s doing.)

26. Official: Twilight’s Bella & Edward Are In An Abusive Relationship from Acculturated

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  1. Oh Kate, I’m not sureyou’d like it… I for one have had a lot of trouble understanding the hype. Not that I really NEED to understand it… This isn’t high school algebra or anything. But it’s a phenomenon which fascinates me.

    I couldn’t make it through the first book but the movie adaptation was fairly enjoyable. I have no intention of watching the rest of the series, though.

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