What I’d Like The World To Know About Bananas

1. You can take scratches out of your DVDs and CDs using a banana. Apparently. If anyone wants to try this and get back, I’d be grateful.

2. Buying fairtrade bananas is worth it. A non-issue here in Australia, because bananas are proudly Australian made. But important in New Zealand and elsewhere. If anyone is in any doubt about this, listen to Harriet Lamb speak about bananas and fair trade on Radio New Zealand.

3. You can freeze bananas. They will turn black. But they will still be okay on the inside. You take them out of the freezer, defrost them a little in the microwave oven, cut the black skin off and chop it into chunks for a fruit smoothie. Your smoothie will have the texture of icecream. Alternatively, you can defrost your banana completely, chop off one end, and squeeze its (unflatteringly phallic) contents into a bowl and make banana muffins.

That is what I would like to tell the world about bananas.

But don’t be surprised if, every now and then, you find one of these at the bottom of your freezer. If it’s squashed AND black, you can go right ahead and call it goneski.

Also Important: Chowhound asks, What’s the point of bananas in ice-cream sundaes?

Eating bananas with dark patches can help fight cancer, apparently, which leads me to see the world of food in a dichotomy of cancer causing and cancer fighting, mutually exclusive groups. Aren’t there some foods out there which are just neutral?

And how to make yourself feel really bad about eating bananas. Here, and here.

31 Days Of Bananas from Food Network

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    • There’s nothing like a backyard banana tree to remind you you’re living in the tropics, or so I would imagine! We’re eating lots of bananas again now that the price has gone back down.

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