On Hair

Very recently our ancestors were covered in hair (or really fur, hair simply being the word we gave our own fur so as to feel a little special).

– Rob Dunn, from The Wild Life Of Our Bodies

1. Body Hair: The Not So Naked Ape, from The Economist

2. How Hairy Skin Is Wired For Touch, from Cosmos Magazine. “Different types of hair follicle are tuned to sense different sorts of soft touch.”

3. I’m hopeless with hair. I have trouble with pigtails on a three year old, let alone a waterfall braid on myself.

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8. A handy pictorial guide to types of facial hair.

9. Cure for baldness: Tattooed Hair. (But what do you do when you’re really old and you look weird with black stubble?)

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11. Fix that receding hairline with some leg hair from The Body Odd

12. Which haircut makes you look smarter? Apparently, women with short hair look smarter than women with long. I’m tempted to put this down to femme phobia, but I’d wager it’s also to do with the fact that it costs more time and money to maintain a short, stylish hairstyle, and so it’s probably part of that whole thing whereby ‘people with money’ look ‘smarter’ than people who look like they are poor.

13. Bald Men, This Nude Mouse With One Sad Tuft Of Hair Could Be The Key To Your Follicular Future, from Discover Magazine, with a freaky picture of a mouse. Looks more like a rat, to me.

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