Seriously, everyone: Today I pushed the door close button in an elevator and the doors *closed.* I believe I can fly!

– @studiesincrap

Does everyone have the Flying Fantasy? Maybe not. Sometimes I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t have the Superhero Fantasy, in which it is up to me to save everyone from mass destruction. That’s way too stressful for me.

I once heard that when Japanese men were asked what they wanted to be most in the world, a common response was ‘able to fly’. (In the interests of good blogging I just tried to find the link, but whenever I try to find something out about Japan I get caught in a link hole because there are so many bizarro things about Japan; it’s like the old days when I went to look up a word in the dictionary and read about all these other interesting words I never knew existed and forgot which word I was meant to be looking up in the first place. In short, that study I just remembered might be total fabrication.)

My four-year-old daughter definitely has the Flying Fantasy; she likes to pick up the feathers of sulphur crested cockatoos on our walks. She holds one in each hand and ‘flies’ across the grass, flapping her arms. A harmless pursuit, except there was a plush pillow-sized number of feathers scattered on the side of the road this evening. I didn’t pass this on, but I’m pretty sure a poor old cockatoo got hit by a car in that very spot. A cockatoo’s death seems particularly eventful to me because they live so long.

If I had to be something other than human I think I’d come  back as a bird. I could get used to worms and grubs. Probably a cockatoo, because the worst thing about being a cockatoo seems to be the nightly bitch-fight for a good perch on the tree. They say those birds are smart. Yet every single freaking night they argue loudly about where they’re going to sit. If they were proper smart you’d think they’d have evolved some sort of ballot system by now. Also, I’d definitely crap on a few black Ford utes. That shit is acidic.


The audio equivalent of growing a pair of wings:

1000 Miles – Robeck

Flying – Nice Little Penguins

This Little Bird – I like the Tex Perkins cover

Talihina Sky – Kings of Leon

Ghost Riders In The Sky – Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson

Kaze ni naritai (I Want To Be The Wind – sounds better in Japanese) – The Boom

song starts at about 1:30 in

Fly by Ludovico Einaudi

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