Interesting Links About Teeth


Nobody likes reading about teeth. Nobody likes talking about teeth. Nobody likes hearing about how you’ve just made a dental appointment, or how you’re just off to the dentist, or how you just got back from the dentist. If you’ve ever tried broadcasting your dental successes (“No fillings!”), or if you’ve ever expected sympathies and commiserations over an impending root canal, you’ll more likely get a grimace and a “Meh”. Talking about teeth only serves to remind your friends and colleagues that they are themselves long overdue for an appointment.

  1. Tooth patch could be the end of decay from Cosmos Magazine
  2. The small amount of toothpaste you put on your toothbrush is called a ‘nurdle’.
  3. The Evolution Of Cavities from National Geographic
  4. Dental treatment in Medieval England from
  5. Oil Pulling is when you swish oil around in your mouth for a long time each morning, which is supposed to result in better oral hygiene and whiter teeth when done regularly.
  6. Unlike brushing, flossing has not been clinically proven to prevent periodontal infections, from Got Gingivitis? Before you floss, read this.
  7. The Wellness Guys, episode 78 features a really interesting interview with holistic dentist Dr Ron Ehrlich.
  8. Dental Health And The Paleo Diet: Gingival Sulcus Depth, Periodontal Disease, Systemic Inflammation, and Some N=1 Data, if you’re into slightly nerdy body hacking type stuff.
  9. Do you have ‘snaggle teeth’? They’re cool in Japan. You can get your perfectly spaced teeth turned into snaggle teeth if you want.
  10. Snail Teeth: The future of solar power, from Elements, in which we learn that snail teeth are made of super hard stuff
  11. What Men Want: Teeth More Important Than Hair, Clothes In Survey from Huffington Post
  12. A beaver’s lips are located behind its teeth. (Same as the naked mole rat, actually.)
  13. You better look after your teeth because you only get two sets. Oh, hang on. There’s always mouse piss.
  14. Did you know that snails have teeth? from NPR
  15. My Goddammed Teeth Broke is a blog post from the funniest blogger I know.
  16. Modern Foods And Cavities from Fathead
  17. Fix your teeth with a vibrator.
  18. Wax Filling Was the Cutting Edge of Stone-Age Dentistry from Discover
  19. The mouth of a child is a terrifying thing to behold from io9

I expect nobody read this.

by Randy Glasbergen