The ‘Maiden’ Name: It’s Still A Thing.

Perhaps we should just junk the whole idea of getting married in the first place. I’m generally against anything where you’re supposed to change your name. When else do you get named something else? On joining a nunnery, or becoming a porn star. As an ostensibly joyful celebration of love, that’s bad company to be in.

– Catilin Moran, How To Be A Woman

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I would encourage any woman contemplating a name change upon marriage to reconsider. I’m constantly glad that I didn’t change my name. I was glad again this morning when filling out a government document. I will ALWAYS GET TO SKIP TO THE NEXT QUESTION. Always. And I’m several hundred dollars better off because I didn’t have to pay to lodge the change of name forms here in Australia.


Do you need any more reasons than that? Really?