Interesting Links On Smartness and Smart People

Very intelligent people have devoted their lives to the question of the sex of angels, for example. But many intelligent people have a sort of bug: they think intelligence is an end in itself. They have one idea in mind: to be intelligent, which is really stupid.

– The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Muriel Barbery

1. A simple theory of why so many smart young people go into finance, law, and consulting, from Marginal Revolution. See also: Do Gifted Kids Want to Be a Scientific Genius Today? from PT

2. The Trouble With Bright Kids from Harvard Business Review

3. Why Do Some People Learn Faster Than Others? from Wired

4. Why clever people believe in silly things from Cosmos Magazine

5. Eureka! When A Blow To The Head Creates Sudden Genius from The Atlantic, and also A Knock To The Head Made Me A Musical Genius from The Guardian

6. IQ Myth Debunked By Canadian Researchers from CBC News

5. How Exercise Can Help You Learn from NYT, about ‘muscle memory’

6. What Will It Take For ‘Smart’ Appliances To Take Off? from The Next Web

7. Wearing A Lab Coat May Make You Smarter from OMG Facts

8. Reading Can Boost a Child’s IQ by More Than Six Points, from Galleycat

9. The Illusion Of The Gifted Child from Time Ideas

10. Why Your TQ Can Matter More Than Your IQ. (Yes, there’s TQ now.) From HBR

11. The Key To High IQ? Not Getting Distracted, from TIME

12. The Buffet Formula: How to get smarter from Farnam Street

13. How To Retain More Of What You Read, also from Farnam Street

14. Former child genius turned to crime to feed heroin addiction, court told, The Age Victoria

15. How Working the Muscles May Boost Brainpower from NYT Well

16. Talking to yourself may boost brainpower from NBC News

17. This infographic suggests that when it comes to peak brain performance, moderation is key, from Luminosity

18. What Does It Mean To Be Intelligent? from Open Colleges offers a useful distinction between ‘smart’ and ‘intelligent’.


Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

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