Some Considered And Well-written Articles About Disordered Eating

  1. The Anorexic Statement by Rachel Cusk at New Statesmen
  2. The Female(?) Athlete Triad: How An Evolutionary Advantage Can Turn Its Ugly Face On Both Sexes, from Suppversity is part one of a series of three. These articles are about how athleticism and disordered eating are linked. It’s evolutionary and biological in its approach.
  3. I Am Mental Illness: Anorexia–Biting Back from Double X Science
  4. Disordered Eating Among Males: A Silent Epidemic infograph from Good Men Project
  5. Wildly Inappropriate Things to Say to People With Eating Disorders from FTB
  6. Eating Disorders Cross-culturally from Skepchick
  7. The Women Who Dated Men With Eating Disorders from The Cut
  8. Eating Disorders And The Fear Of The Ordinary from Thought Catalog
  9. Intro to Eating Disorders: Myths, from Skepchick
  10. Barefaced and Beside the Point: Appearance Anxiety in Eating Disorders from The Beheld
  11. The Female Athlete Triad from Skepchick is a good reminder that we cannot and should definitely not judge someone’s health by their athletic appearance.