Links On Body Language

1. A Non-creepy Reason To Make Eye-Contact from Jezebel, in which a study uncovers that we don’t even like it when strangers ignore us.

2. The difference between male and female body language is stark when couples swap clothing and pose for pictures, from The Society Pages. Another photographer had models pose in traditional ‘nude pose’ then asked them to pose unselfconsciously. The contrast is stark.

3. Do you have trouble when asked to pose for photographs? As these pictures suggest, posing in a happy way for photos is something we learn how to do, from Sociological Images

4. More on posing: This time looking closely at the poses expected of men and women on book covers, from Jim C. Hines, who tried some poses out for himself.

5. Smiling Men Can Make Women More Subordinate from Body Odd

6. Body cues tell us more than faces from The Conversation

7. The Fine Art Of Italian Body Language at Brain Pickings

8. Digital Natives Are Slow To Pick Up Non-verbal Cues from HBR

9. What Your Bag Holding Style Says About You from Frisky

10. Teaching Your Daughter To Pose Like A Girl from Reel Girl

11. Use This Body Language Cheat Sheet to Decode Common Non-Verbal Cues from Life Hacker, which offers some generalisations I wonder about.

12. The Different Ways You Ignore People from Thought Catalog

13. How to use body language to get served first at a bar from Acculturated

14. Oh yes, this is annoying. Everyone needs to keep their body language reasonably compact on public transport, not just women, who have been acculturated that way owing to a history of skirt-wearing.